8 Going Out Tips for Oily Skin

follow these simple tips to look your best on a night out...

woman holding Curology bottle
woman holding Curology bottle

Having oily skin can be a challenge, especially when you're getting ready to go out and want to look your best. Oily skin tends to produce excess sebum, leading to shiny and greasy-looking skin. Additionally, oily skin is more prone to acne and breakouts. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can manage your oily skin and ensure that you look fabulous when you step out. Here are some essential tips for going out with oily skin:

1. Treat pimples with a cool pimple patch

If you have a pimple that's causing you concern, try using a cool pimple patch to reduce inflammation and redness. These patches can be applied during the day and act as a barrier to protect the pimple from further irritation. Avoid touching or popping the pimple, as it can make it more obvious on your face.

2. Use blotting papers

Carry blotting papers with you to combat excess oil throughout the day. Blotting papers are designed to absorb oil without disturbing your makeup. Gently press the blotting paper onto your skin, focusing on areas that tend to get oily, such as the T-zone. This will help keep your skin looking fresh and matte.

3. Hydrate your lips with lip balm

Alcohol-based products can dry out your lips, especially if you're going out to a party where you might be drinking. To prevent dryness and chapping, apply a hydrating lip balm before heading out. This will keep your lips moisturized and prevent any discomfort.

4. Use an eye cream

Don't forget to take care of your under-eye area. Apply an eye cream before going out to prevent puffiness and dark circles. Look for an eye cream that is lightweight and specifically formulated for oily skin. Gently pat the cream around your eyes, avoiding any direct contact with your eyes.

5. Cleanse your face before and after

Before going out, make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly. Use a non-harsh cleanser that is suitable for oily skin. This will help remove any excess oil, dirt, and makeup from your face. After coming back home, don't forget to cleanse your face again to remove any impurities that may have accumulated throughout the day. Consistent cleansing is crucial to prevent breakouts.

6. Avoid face wipes if possible

If you're tired and don't have the energy for a full cleansing routine, you may opt for face wipes. However, keep in mind that face wipes are not as effective as double cleansing with a non-harsh cleanser. Face wipes also have a significant impact on the environment due to their single-use nature. So, whenever possible, choose the more thorough cleansing method.

7. Ice your spots to reduce inflammation

If you have any inflamed spots or pimples, try icing them before applying any makeup. Ice helps reduce inflammation and redness, making it easier to cover up with makeup. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and gently press it onto the affected area for a few minutes.

8. Use spot patches that allow makeup

If you have a particularly stubborn pimple that you want to cover up, consider using spot patches that allow makeup on top. These patches not only protect the pimple but also provide a smooth surface for applying makeup. Choose patches that are transparent and blend seamlessly with your skin tone.

By following these tips, you can confidently go out with oily skin and enjoy your time without worrying about excess shine or breakouts. Remember to take care of your skin consistently and choose products that are specifically designed for oily skin. With the right skincare routine and a little extra attention, you can keep your oily skin under control and look your best wherever you go.